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Mohammad Rezaian, the Iranian composer and musician from Tehran, used to send his works Jafari.hr, the manager of Kaqaz label via Facebook in 2011. ...
After a few days he send him a message initiating the collaboration between Mohammad Rezaian and Mohammadreza Shayea a popular Iranian rapper. During national polls on the official Persian rap site, his compositions have received the recognition as the best song of the year, in the Persian rap genre, several times. Some of his achievements include: "Az Aval" acknowledged as the best single track music of the year in march,2016 and "Refigh Fabrik," with which he even broke his record of Az Aval, in september,2016. Also, "Naghabel" album comprised of five tracks was nominated as the best Hip-hop album of the year in December, 2017. Mohammad Rezaian was born on 01/04/1995 in Tehran, Iran. He is a genuinely talented and self-learned pianist and composer. He has worked with prominent rappers, such as Ho3ein, Sohrab MJ, Mohammadreza Shayea, Justina, Canis , etc. And right now, he is the composer of Kaqaz label which is so popular and famous in Iran.And with special thanks to Jafari.hr, for his help in coordinating projects

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Hit Projects

Ho3ein & Justina - Traffic Jensi (Feat. Milad S)

Shayea - Refigh Fabrik

Shayea ft Justina - Sabr2

Shayea - Vaysin aQab

Shayea - Az Avaal

Shayea - Ki Boode?

Shayea - Naghabel(EP Album)

Shayea - Khiz

Sohrab MJ - Gangesh Balas

Shayea - Telo

Shayea - Kado


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